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The French subsidiary of KUBE & KUBENZ in Lyon has invested in another specialized semi-trailer for the transport of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The semi-trailer has a capacity of 30 m3 including baffles and has been in use as “dedicated equipment” for a major client in France since this year. Over all in 2015, KUBE & KUBENZ was able to double its tank truck transport capacities for hydrogen peroxide in France.

Due to the product properties of H2O2 as a weak acid, special tanks need to be used for its transport. The specialised semi-trailer has optimised loading and carrying capacities compared to standard semi-trailers, which have a capacity of 24 to 27 m3. In addition, the semi-trailer is equipped with a pump and stack pipe that enable unloading from top as well as bottom discharge.

Hydrogen peroxide has a variety of uses in multiple fields and industries. As a bleaching agent, it is used for example in the restauration of wood, to bleach paper, hair or in dental medicine. H2O2 is also used in water treatment facilities, for disinfection and sterilisation. In biology, it can be utilised to identify bacteria cultures. As a caustic agent in combination with sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide is used for cleaning in microelectronics and to remove photoresists.

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